Sunday Meetings: Zoom | Mailing address: 3519 NE 15th Ave. #204, Portland, OR 97212

COVID Protocols

Hi everyone!

We are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at 11:45 am for our first ever Meeting for Worship!

We have been following the news closely, and we want to keep everyone as safe as possible. This is why we are requiring everyone 12 and older to be vaccinated for attending in person. Please bring your vaccination card so we can check it the first time you attend. We will start Zoom hybrid meetings in a few weeks!

While masks are not required for vaccinated people in our rental space at 1548 NE 15th Ave, we are encouraging people to wear them anyway for extra safety. Any unvaccinated children who attend will have to wear a mask as per rental space policy.

We hope more people choose to be vaccinated in coming weeks, and that we can soon overcome the Delta variant that is causing such pain in the world right now.

We are so looking forward to being in community with you, as safely as possible. We need each other more than ever!

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