Sunday Meetings: Zoom | Mailing address: 3519 NE 15th Ave. #204, Portland, OR 97212

I’m Holding You in God’s Chocolate: A Zine about Quaker Spiritual Support

Lewis Steller created this zine to explore the ways that the traditional Quaker understanding of “Holding in the Light,” a spiritual practice related to intercessory prayer, can be expanded to allow a broader range of understandings of how… Read More

Regarding Portland City Council’s Failure to Adopt the Police Accountability Committee’s Recommendations for Implementing the Voter-Approved Police Oversight System

Adopted by unanimous consensus at Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business on December 3, 2023 In November 2020, a sweeping super-majority of 82% of Portland voters approved a measure authorizing the creation of a new police oversight… Read More

Statement on the Irredeemability of the United States Police and Prison System

Adopted by unanimous consensus at Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business on June 4, 2023 US society is addicted to surveillance and punishment, and our police and prisons are their institutional embodiment. They channel the human need… Read More

Examples of Quaker Land Acknowledgements

Each traditional Quaker testimony – simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship of resources and the Earth – compels us as Quakers in North America to understand and acknowledge all of the ways that we have participated in… Read More

Returning to Zoom (Adding Monthly Potluck)!

We have had a couple of months of returning to in-person worship with the pandemic easing, but we have had full Zoom rooms and fairly sparse in-person attendance! Rather than continuing to pay rent for so few people… Read More

Resuming In-Person Worship

On Sunday, March 6th, we are resuming in-person 11:45 am worship at the Encorepreneur rental space. If you have never come to Clear Hearts Quaker Circle, please remember to bring your vaccination card with you and wear a… Read More

Zoom Only Through February

Out of an abundance of caution, we are giving Omicron a little more time to subside before meeting in person again. But we plan to be back to in-person/hybrid Zoom meetings the first Sunday in March! Grateful for… Read More

The Spirit of Worship

“There is nothing more ‘real’ about worship than actively engaging with the world and one’s neighbors as they are, instead of as one wishes they might be.”

LOTS of Updates!

Members/Attenders-Only Resources: We have been working behind the scenes to make some new members/attenders-only resources available on the web site. Now you can register to access Clear Hearts Quaker Circle’s lending library and our member/attender directory, to submit… Read More

Coming together!

Since deciding to create this community, so many pieces have almost magically been falling quickly into place. We have a mailing address, a place to meet on Sundays, people who are stepping up and offering wisdom and support… Read More