Sunday Meetings: Zoom | Mailing address: 3519 NE 15th Ave. #204, Portland, OR 97212

What to Expect

Thank you for taking the leap and giving us a try on Sunday morning! We hope this summary helps you feel comfortable with the usual flow of events during a Sunday Meeting for Worship. We are a small meeting, and our worship is unprogrammed in the Quaker tradition – in other words, we choose our own adventure together every week!

Please note that we are currently holding all of our Sunday meetings on Zoom, so that we can use our financial resources to do some other good in the world!  We do have hybrid worship and in-person potlucks on the second Sunday of each month (but note, it will be on the third Sunday in January 2024). For full details, check out our blog post about our monthly hybrid worship and potluck.

Since we are just coming out of a worldwide pandemic and care deeply about everyone’s safety, we are requiring vaccination for any in-person events.  Please bring your vaccination card along with you when you visit us in person for the first time.

We welcome children! Despite the silence of Quaker worship, and our best efforts to create a quiet, contemplative environment, we welcome the sounds children might make. Children are one more reflection of God in our midst, and are a blessing to the community and an opportunity for us to practice flexibility, patience, and radical inclusion.

As we gather, we settle into silence together in expectant waiting. We listen for the guidance of Spirit (God/The Inward Teacher/Christ/The Light/Holy Darkness, etc.). Queries (questions) are posted as a starting point for contemplation. If someone feels led to share a message with the group, they do so – first discerning whether it is a message that is based in Spirit and meant for everyone. When someone speaks, we listen deeply and hold them in our care, and we wait in silence for a time before someone else speaks. There is no expectation to share, and some Sundays the community might feel most spiritually nourished by mindful, complete silence.

A designated Friend closes the meeting by greeting the group. We follow with brief announcements and sharing Joys and Concerns. We hope that you feel free to share songs, crafts, poems, pictures of your garden, or other wonderful and creative pursuits!

We can’t wait to meet you, and are so grateful for your presence.