Sunday Meetings: Zoom | Mailing address: 3519 NE 15th Ave. #204, Portland, OR 97212

LOTS of Updates!

Members/Attenders-Only Resources:

We have been working behind the scenes to make some new members/attenders-only resources available on the web site. Now you can register to access Clear Hearts Quaker Circle’s lending library and our member/attender directory, to submit posts to the website that can be seen only by members/attenders, to submit Hold in the Light requests, and other private resources. Hooray for new ways to connect!

Zoom/In-Person Hybrid Meetings Starting 8/15!

We have figured out how to make hybrid Zoom/in-person Meetings for Worship work on Sundays! (At least we think so!) We are still asking for people to bring their vaccination cards if you attend in person Meeting for Worship at 1548 NE 15th Avenue. It will be wonderful to be able to make our worship more accessible to more people. Details are in the calendar! We are excited to have this option – thanks for your patience as we experiment with this new way of being together.

Increased Safety Precautions

Please note that both Multnomah County and our rental space are now requiring masks be worn indoors, even for groups like ours that are vaccinated. We will have water available to sip briefly if you need it, but otherwise we are forgoing snack time to minimize unmasked time and are encouraging common sense precautions. Stay safe and healthy everyone – we will make it through together!

NEW DATE for Clear Hearts, Clear Skies Star Party!

We got clouded out earlier this month for our stargazing party at Stub Stewart State Park, but we have a new date scheduled: August 27th. Would love to see you there! For all the details, check out our calendar entry!

Stargazing party updates – POSTPONED

Hey everyone – if you’re considering coming to the stargazing party tomorrow, we are keeping an eye on the weather, since it is supposed to rain. We will let you know tomorrow afternoon whether we will still be there! We will comment in this thread with our decision no later than 4 pm.
Hope things stay clear!

(Update – looks like we are being clouded out tonight, so we will postpone.)

COVID Protocols

Hi everyone!

We are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at 11:45 am for our first ever Meeting for Worship!

We have been following the news closely, and we want to keep everyone as safe as possible. This is why we are requiring everyone 12 and older to be vaccinated for attending in person. Please bring your vaccination card so we can check it the first time you attend. We will start Zoom hybrid meetings in a few weeks!

While masks are not required for vaccinated people in our rental space at 1548 NE 15th Ave, we are encouraging people to wear them anyway for extra safety. Any unvaccinated children who attend will have to wear a mask as per rental space policy.

We hope more people choose to be vaccinated in coming weeks, and that we can soon overcome the Delta variant that is causing such pain in the world right now.

We are so looking forward to being in community with you, as safely as possible. We need each other more than ever!

Coming together!

Since deciding to create this community, so many pieces have almost magically been falling quickly into place. We have a mailing address, a place to meet on Sundays, people who are stepping up and offering wisdom and support and kindness.

We are SO grateful as the dream begins to take shape and become reality. Thank you.

New Quaker Worship Group in Portland, OR

Having been connected with several Quaker meetings in the Portland area, we feel the need for a new group that prioritizes inclusion, welcome, and anti-racism work as core to its origins as well as its function over time. We believe that many Quaker meetings in the area are working to change the status quo in their own ways. This is good, but insufficient. The hope for Clear Hearts Quaker Circle is to start with new assumptions, a better (even if not perfect) status quo, and a focus on welcome and inclusion at the very foundation of its existence.

We are gathering resources and plans – more to come soon!